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You get the first month’s consumption of AlgO-3 for free, as the quality is so high that it must be experienced!

Two AlgO-3 capsules give you a full 500 mg of omega-3 fatty acid DHA, which has a proven effect on the brain, eyesight and heart.

Green Omega Omega-3

Vegan omega-3 from microalgae.

No bad taste, unpleasant odor or acidic reflux.

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Daily intake

Take 2 AlgO-3 capsules as part of your morning routine so you are ready for the whole day.

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Sent automatically

Every three months you receive a new shipment with AlgO-3, which covers 90 days of consumption.


The brain is the most important thing you have! Therefore, take good care of it, with AlgO-3

Better brain health

A daily intake of at least 250 mg of DHA contributes to the normal functioning of the brain, normal vision and normal cardiac functions.

Better memory

The supply of Omega 3 is the most important thing you can do for your brain. AlgO-3 is the best source of better memory, cognitive ability, cell signaling and softer cell membrane.

Better for the environment

Omega-3 straight from the source, microalgae. Vegan. Non GMO, no allergens or heavy metals. Naturally extracted without the use of solvents.


When it comes to the most important things in our lives, we choose the best.

Better effect

AlgO-3 has a high content of DHA, the most important of the essential omega-3 fatty acids. It gives you an effect you can feel over time.

Better quality

The high quality of AlgO-3 is achieved because the fatty acids have not been in contact with oxygen. Thus, the oil in the capsules has not begun to oxidize.

No taste

Pure high quality omega-3s taste nothing. With AlgO-3 there is no bad taste or bad smelling odor.


The heart gives life.
AlgO-3 is the very best for yours.

AlgO-3 Smart for you, good for nature.

  • Omega-3 from microalgae is, omega-3 on nature’s premise.
  • Microalgae are grown on land under strictly controlled conditions. The fatty acids are naturally extracted without the use of solvents, have no allergens and are completely free of heavy metals such as mercury or other toxins.
  • Animal diversity in the ocean is preserved.
  • Omega-3 from microalgae provides fewer production links and significantly higher quality and purity.
  • Smart for you and good for the environment!


DHA is an important component of the eye.

Watch our video.

Animated video that easily explains AlgO-3 and omega-3 from microalgae.

Be smart!

Subscribe today and get your first month free

Daily intake of two capsules AlgO-3 gives you 500 mg of DHA which has a proven effect on the brain, eyesight and heart. Recommended is a minimum of 250 mg of DHA.

Vegan, and can be consumed by anyone, young or old.

No taste. No hurt bumps

High content of DHA

Green Omega Omega-3