Can microalgae make you smarter?

Do you think, like so many others, that omega-3s are only found in fish? Microalgae provide both higher quality and a more environmentally friendly omega-3. And the best thing? You as a consumer get a vegan product that is good for both brain, heart and vision.

Better brain health with AlgO-3 from Green Omega AS

– The fatty acid called DHA is the longest of the omega 3 fatty acids. DHA is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid. It is a very important component of the cell membranes in the body. It regulates what goes in and out of the cells, and how the cells communicate with each other. This makes DHA a fatty acid that is very important for the brain.

Starts everything during pregnancy.

From the third trimester of pregnancy until the age of two, much of the brain development takes place. It is at this time that the omega-3 fatty acid DHA is extra important for brain development, because that is when the basis of the brain for the rest of life is formed.

The fetus receives DHA first through the mother, and then via breastfeeding and then baby food. But DHA continues to be important throughout life, from before you are born until you die. The cell membrane ergo the DHA fatty acid, is constantly worn out / used up so the body has to renew it. Therefore, it is very important with a daily supplement.

Take care of your brain! DHA continues to be important throughout life, from before you are born until you die.

When we talk about health, not many people think about the neck and up. All exercise is about the body from the neck down. But is there anything more important than taking care of the brain?

The fatty acids come from microalgae.

– Most people think that omega-3 is a very unique thing that comes from fish, but omega-3 is simply fatty acids.

They are made in plants, like most other fatty acids, both on land and in the sea. But the omega 3 fatty acids are a little special. They are found in abundant quantities in the sea, where they are made in microalgae at the bottom of the food chain. Then they go up the food chain to fish.

Vegan product, directly from the source.

– By going directly to the source and cultivating microalgae on land, a more environmentally friendly product is smothered than with the omega-3 fatty acids you get from fish. In addition, it gets higher quality, because you have better control over production.

And not least, the brain health perspective is important! Since the product is of microalgae, which is a plant, it is also vegan, Lyssand elaborates.

A minimum intake of 250 mg of DHA’s omega-3 fatty acid daily is recommended from the state health organization. AlgO-3 contains 250 mg of DHA in each capsule. AlgO-3 is delivered to the entire country with the same price of shipping, and has a short delivery time.

The subscription makes it easy to take their daily DHA. You take 2 capsules in the morning each day and automatically receive three boxes in the mailbox every three months.

Good qualities

– Microalgae have lived in the shade for thirty years. It has long been known about the good properties and benefits of using microalgae, but the alternatives found have been cheaper. Microalgae have so many different properties and contain so many different nutrients that the different species benefit in many industries.

Now is the time to really let the microalgae come to light in the market for the quality conscious who wants a product with effect. Environmentally conscious consumers will also finally receive a product that will satisfy this customer’s group needs. Since AlgO-3 meets the most demanding and “hardest” customers needs, AlgO-3 is a product that meets all of their omega-3 needs.

Be smart! Start your day with AlgO-3

Green Omega Omega-3

Start a subscription today and get the first month free.

You get the first month’s consumption of AlgO-3 for free, as the quality is so high that it must be experienced!

Two AlgO-3 capsules give you a full 500 mg of omega-3 fatty acid DHA, which has a proven effect on the brain, eyesight and heart.

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Green Omega

Greenomega Omega-3
Daily intake of two capsules AlgO-3 gives you 500 mg of DHA which has a documented effect on the brain, eyesight, blood vessels, fetuses and infants breastfeeding.